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    Beef Pot Roast
Category: Beef


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1 1/2 lb- 2lb. pot roast meat
1 dry package of Good Seasons Garlic Dressing
1 dry pkg of Italian (or Zesty Italian) Dressing
1 can of beer (your choice-not dark)

Place one envelope of Good seasons in bottom of crock pot. Place meat on top, top with other package of dressing and pour beer over all. Let cook 8-10 hours on low. If your a gravy maker, the sauce made into a gravy is YUMMY! I serve this with potatoes.

  Reviewed by ChefBoyd
Turned out great, sweet and simple. I added potatoes,carrots and onions and a little more beer lol. oh yeah garlic, set it for 8hr and its done.
  Reviewed by mckinleys
i would use a little less beer but turned out great it you try it you will be happy
  Reviewed by goodluck
I had some doubts at first. Using zesty italian dressing and beer as spices seemed unusual and did not sound very promissing to me. The great reviews though moved me to give it a try. The outcome was great. Its simple it tastes great and make nice gravy too. If you have doubts like I had at first just give it a try and be prepared for a positive surpise.
  Reviewed by Glee
This was delicious and easy! Added potatoes 1 hour before serving, made gravy with juice. Great!
  Reviewed by dissatisfied
I followed this recipe and used a can of Bud. I even added the apple juise as someone suggested. Cooked on low for 9 hours - the meat was dry a shoe leather and the beer taste was too strong for my liking. I won't try this recipe again.
  Reviewed by LKS
Super easy and delish!
  Reviewed by erin
The taste is great! I would use a little less soy sauce because I felt the recipe was a bit salty. Maybe cut it with water.
  Reviewed by Darren
This recipe was soooo simple. I used a 3 lb chuck roast and a 16 oz miller high life. Maybe the best pot roast ever. I added carrots onions and potatos..
  Reviewed by Lister5
We made this yesterday and it is excellent. Used MGD 65. Added carrots and potatoes so we would have a full meal. I made gravy with the sauce and added sea salt. Wonderful with a loaf of hot French bread...yummy...
  Reviewed by Cassie
I made this for my boyfriend. After the first bite he said "Oh My God!!". Thanks, Maxine!! My crock pot is really big, so I only cooked the roast for 7 hours and I added an extra can of beer.
  Reviewed by New2Slow
Very first slow roast, and I must say a great experience. Based on some comments I read, I was a little scared for the gravy to be a bit to bitter (I've had bad experiences with cooking with beer) so I used about 6oz of Corona and 5oz of Apple Juice, and I must say, it turned out amazing.
  Reviewed by slowcooker144
This was a really good and easy recipe. I used a 2 pound tri-tip roast. I microwaved redskin potatoes about 3/4 done and cut them into 1/2" slices and put them in the last hour. They were perfect. The only negative is that I need beer guidance. I used a pilsner beer that I had on hand...not at all dark, and the gravy was a bit bitter. What brand of beer really works best?
  Reviewed by Michelle
This was ridiculously easy, and very delicious. I added veggies and potatoes to the pot, and voila...11 hours later, dinner! Great find!
  Reviewed by Mary
This is Easy and Delicious. I added carrots, celery, onion and potatoes to the pot. Even my kids loved it.
  Reviewed by pyralis
We made this yesterday and it was lovely! The meat was incredibly tender and we love cooking with beer. We actually used a hard cider (Woodchuck 802) as our beer of choice, with Italian dressing packets (couldn't find garlic, but added a pinch of garlic powder), and it was awesome!
  Reviewed by Stephanie
Heavenly!!! Used a bottom round roast and it fell apart and melted in my mouth.
  Reviewed by bdunakin22
Excellent! Very tasty. I love cooking with beer.
  Reviewed by imjaramill
Easy to make and tasty

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