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    Apple Glazed Pork Roast
Category: Pork/Sausage


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4 lb. pork loin roast
6 apples
1/4 cup apple juice
3 T. brown sugar
1 t. ginger, ground

Rub roast with salt and pepper. Brown pork roast under broiler to remove excess fat; drain well. Core and quarter apples. Place apple quarters in bottom of crockpot. Place roast on top of apples. Combine apple juice, brown sugar, and ginger. Spoon over top surface of roast, moistening well. Cover and cook on Low for 10-12 hours, until done.

  Reviewed by Beth
This is one of my favorite fall recipes! Since it's made in a slow cooker, it's nice and easy to throw everything in in the morning and have it ready at dinner time! And it makes your home smell DELICIOUS! We made it this weekend for Gandy's parents, and they RAVED about it! We like to serve it with sweet potatoes as a side.
  Reviewed by Geri
Browned the roast in pan added apples and sweet potatoes placed roast on top. AWESOME!!
  Reviewed by cartes
What kind of apples did you use?
  Reviewed by merne9
it was good. i added cinnamon and carrots as others suggested and was fine. was also expecting more of a glaze
  Reviewed by Devin
Great, easy recipe!! I added a can of whole berry cranberry sauce. This is going into my regular rotation!!!
  Reviewed by Ashley23
Love this! I used maple syrup instead of brown sugar and I ate this with sliced carrots and parsnips, and potatoes. Delicious!
  Reviewed by Karol
Maybe I did something wrong, but I was very disappointed in this dish. The meat was so dry. Fortunately I had a jar of pork gravy on hand to serve with it.
  Reviewed by Agustina
I made it last night that some friends came to have dinner, it was delicious!!!! we love it-
  Reviewed by Amy
I made this for my husband and friends, they gave it a very solid three stars. It is very good, but the apples turned to apple sauce and i'd rather have chunks. I would suggest cutting the apples in half and removing the core, they might stay chunkier that way. I'd also recommend cinnamon, maybe some cloves. Overall, a very solid recipe and I'd for sure make it again.
  Reviewed by Mie
OMG!!! This was delicious! Not to mention how wonderful the house smelled all day from the apples cooking. Pork literally fell apart was so tender. And apples were awesome too!
  Reviewed by Tayakd
It was good for my first time. It was super easy. I loved that. However, I was expecting more of a glaze and it seemed like there was something missing. Any suggestions on add ins for more flavor?
  Reviewed by Alicia in Bham
I'm not a big fan of pork roast (except for BBQ), but this came out wonderful. I broiled it until brown and then cooked it on high for 6 hrs. So easy and tasty!
  Reviewed by ally
Not very appealing to the eye but SO tasty. You won't be disappointed. I made one adjustment by not using any salt and it still is very good.
  Reviewed by rpeiper
sounds good. how long do you roast the pork before adding to the slow cooker?
  Reviewed by Dorien
gorgeous - I added two large leeks sliced up, and served with separately boiled baby potatoes, mmmm.
  Reviewed by Jennifer
I had been wanting to make this recipe for some time now, it was definitely worth the wait! I didn't brown it and I used cinnamon instead of ginger and cooked it for 8 hours as mine was only 2 lbs. DELICIOUS!!! A
  Reviewed by farlcow
Simple, but that's what makes it good. Very easy to do. I did broil the roast first and could have even trimmed some additional fat off, but didn't bother. The apples and juices really added to the side dishes.
  Reviewed by Karen
This recipe was easy and delicious! I did not brown it first, and it still came out terrific! I used a five pound roast and added cinnamon, too. It cooked on low from 6:30 am to 5:15 pm. It was so moist, the roast virtually fell apart. It tasted delicious topped with the cooked apples and the natural juices in the slow cooker. Thank you, Susan!!

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